Making the Most of Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the best time of year - no more getting up early, no more spending all day at school, no more homework! While it is absolutely the time for relaxing, spending time with friends, going on vacations, and hanging out by the pool, it is also a great time to engage in activities … Continue reading Making the Most of Summer Vacation


Encouraging Reluctant Readers

I was recently out with a friend, lamenting my struggles with getting kids, especially teenagers, to be interested in reading. My friend’s first response to my woes was, “Tell them about that Super Bowl winner who’s in a book club. That’ll make them want to read.” I immediately started Googling. How had I not heard … Continue reading Encouraging Reluctant Readers

Harvard Report: For College Admissions, You’re More Than Just Your Grades

One thing we strive to help our students understand is that there is more to them than just their GPA or their test scores. Every student applying to college has a whole identity beyond his or her work in the classroom or performance on a single test. All students have unique families, traditions, hobbies, interests, … Continue reading Harvard Report: For College Admissions, You’re More Than Just Your Grades


  When it comes to deciding whether to take the SAT or the ACT, many students find themselves overwhelmed by the choice. On top of all of their regular school work and extracurricular activities, they now have to spend time preparing for and taking a standardized test, possibly more than once. It is important for … Continue reading SAT vs. ACT